Cavalleria Toscana Acavallo Stirrup**

€ 260,00
Artikelnummer: STA001 ME001

This lightweight Acavallo Arena Alupro safety bar with Cavalleria Toscana logo is made of special polymer material and aluminum. The aluminum ensures that the safety bar is lightweight. The polymer branch and polymer footbed provide stability. In the event of a fall of the horse, the stirrup opens due to the weight of the rider, so that the foot is less likely to get caught in the stirrup. It is of course not the intention that the safety bar opens with a light pressure. A foot stop is attached for this. This ensures that the safety bar only opens when it is really necessary.


The stainless steel anti-slip arch sole provides optimal grip and support for the rider and the wide footbed relieves the knees, hips and ankles. In addition, there are some slots in the footbed, so that sand and dirt can pass through. The Cavalleria Toscana safety bar has a 7 cm wide footbed.